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a smart platform for IoT management


Established in 1997, Komponenta operates in the following lines of business.


Komponenta is the developer of the original telematics platform “kSense”, based on Microsoft AZURE. This ready-to-use platform is designed to provide businesses with trustworthy information, performance-boosting out-of-the-box solutions and to improve poor coordination between engineering systems. kSense can promptly inform personnel about a potentially bad situation and provide recommendations on how to handle it. The platform has the smart capabilities necessary for achieving high-performance in various business dimensions.


As an authorized Microsoft Windows Embedded distributor, Komponenta supplies and installs Microsoft Windows Embedded / Windows 10 IoT operating systems in Russia and CIS countries. We have the capabilities to provide technical support and technological consulting, and tailored solutions for our customers.


We provide packaged supplies of electronic components and register designs with electronic component manufacturers. We have direct contracts with a wide range of electronic component manufacturers and we maintain long-standing cooperation with global wholesale suppliers (Avnet Silica/Memec, Arrow Electronics, EBV Elektronik, and others), which is instrumental in solving our clients’ tasks. We offer components compliant with global standards alongside competitive prices and reasonable lead time.


Since 2014, we officially distribute display units produced by leading international vendors. The products we offer cover almost all existing display technologies: TFT, OLED, STN/FSTN, EL, VFD, E-Paper, LED.


We design, produce and supply energy efficient LED lights and smart control systems. These lights can replace mercury-vapor lamps, metal-halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps.


Разумный дом

What is kSense

kSense is an automatic, self-training hardware and software system for collecting, processing and analyzing of telemetry data. Our long-term experience of analytics and advanced methods of collection and data handling were used during kSense creation. Application output is mathematical real-time model of an object. Implementation of kSense will allow user to receive maximum benefit from all engineering systems and gain more efficiency from available resources. You can find more information about structure of kSense ("System components") and examples of its application ("Applying kSense") on our site.

  • kBrain Analyzing results and preparing mathematical model
  • kFace Visualization of results. Directing what to do.
  • kHUB Controlling connected equipment
Sending to cloud
Loading of working model on object
Collecting information

Why do you need kSense


The world is driven by events and companies are compelled to react without delay, whether real-time intelligence is available or not. When results are needed immediately, users and regular management systems simply lack the time to develop a new model and produce an efficient behavior scenario. This is where pre-defined and exact analytical models are essential. These models come with tools that extract intelligence from the past and analyze data from the present. The kSense platform is exactly this kind of tool. It's a combination of flexible and adaptive math models, powerful statistical models and an easy-to-use expert system.

Why do you need kSense


Is compatible with a wide range of devices, from the simplest on-site sensors and local controllers to big *nix or Windows-based calculation modules that come from different manufacturers and have different architectures (ARM, RISC, x86). Is compatible with a broad variety of industrial (Modbus, OPC, etc.) and communication technologies, protocols and interfaces (LoRa, WiFi, RS485, etc.)

Supports heterogeneous and cross-platform data storing and processing, as well as database management.

Why do you need kSense


  • Build adaptive and updatable facility models.
  • Make automated urgent decisions.
  • Make decisions with longer cycles (tens of minutes or hours) by issuing direct commands or giving recommendations to personnel.
  • Make efficient decisions and avoid potentially negative outcomes by identifying trends.
  • Replicate best management practices in similar situations.
  • Use continuous processing logic for data sets in addition to control systems such as SCADA, BMS, MES and telematic services, for more efficient shared use of existing resources and equipment.

Why is kSense a relevant tool?


Today’s geographically distributed production operations, trading and warehousing facilities, city-owned equipment, medical centers, energy equipment, trucks and heavy-lift ships operate in an extremely complex way that makes it difficult to perform a quick and accurate analysis of the processes involved. Meanwhile, an error in the assessment may only aggravate the existing situation or even lead to an accident.

This is why it is of absolute necessity to empower businesses with real-time monitoring. It will not only add value to their existing production facilities and help insurance and servicing companies predict risks, but also maximize the performance of existing resources and equipment, improve sustainability and identify potential hazards and negative trends.

System components

This component can communicate withany of the observed facility’s systems. It uses local intelligence, collects data and works with the platform’s cloud.

To obtain accurate data, you need to be as close as possible to the surveillance object. Located on-site, kHUB easily addresses this issue. It interacts directly with the automation systems, captures data from independent transducers and shares data and local control laws with the platform’s analytical cloud core. In addition, kHUB ensures safe data and command exchange with the facility’s systems and the cloud, as well as independent system maintenance.

The UI and the means of interaction with the facility’sbusiness applications.

kFace is the platform's interface with the user and various business systems (ITSM, monitoring systems, dashboards, ERP, SCADA, BMS, etc.). It is designed to create descriptions of facilities and of the data circulating within their systems. The interface and the pre-grouped and processed information can be displayed in a web browser thanks to cross-platform delivery. Other communication channels can be used as well, such as e-mail, push-notifications, etc.

The platform’s “brain center” uses powerful embedded analytics tools and forms efficientdata and system management mechanisms.

kBrain is the platform's main functional element. Leveraging a posteriori modeling, it can perform in-depth data analysis, create the facility’s exact adaptive model and develop an optimal control system to distribute it across the kHUB elements and to achieve the user’s goals. kBrain can also identify hidden connections between the facility’s systems and develop recommendations for the staff on how to act in various situations, including extreme ones.

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